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Guarantee and Returns
Guarantee of satisfaction
We guarantee your satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with any arrangement, plant or any item you purchased, let us know within 48 hours of receipt and we'll replace it or refund you.

Guarantee on Delivery & Shipping
We guarantee the safe arrival of our deliveries and shipments. If an arrangement or a shipment arrives damaged, please save all packing materials and let us know within 48 hours of the delivery. We will replace you order or refund you when we receive back the original order.

Further guarantee on plants and flowers
We fully guarantee our plants for 30 days and the buds & flowers for 10 days from the date or purchase or delivery, whichever comes later, provided the plants:
  1. Have not been left to freeze (winter) or burn (summer) in your car.

  2. Were not exposed to direct sun which burns the leaves.

  3. Were not repotted by you or a third party.

  4. Were not placed too close to heat sources (radiator, refrigerator ...) or in the path of air conditioning or forced heating flows (such dry air will desiccate the flowers and the plant in a matter of days).

  5. Have not been sitting in water (in a deep saucer, China pot / cache pot with no drainage, Glass vase ...).

  6. Have not been over watered (watered with too much water and / or watered too frequently). See Caring for your orchids in bloom.

  7. (for Cymbidiums only), have not been subjected to temperatures above 55F at night and above 75F in the day.

Why these limits to our guarantee?
We guarantee the flowers for 10 days because if something happens in transit it will show within 3 to 4 days. Giving you 10 days provides ample time for any problem to materialize and for you to let us know.

Plants themselves may take a few more days to display any transit issues or, rarely, an invisible defect. Again allowing 30 days is more than ample time for any transit issues or invisible defect to materialize.

Please take a couple of minutes to read our instructions Caring for your orchids in bloom. It will make your orchid experience so much more rewarding.