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Caring for Your Orchids in Bloom
You will considerably increase the enjoyment you get from your orchids (in bloom or not) by reading this section. It is well worth your time!

CAUTION: Please be aware the watering instructions we offer you here are based on best potting practices, not on what some people do to "oversell" their plants! We have seen 2" pot size Cattleyas that were set (just for selling) in 6" pots and 3" pot size Phalaenopsis that were set in 6" pots because the customer wanted "6 inch plants". Over potted (too large containers) plants do not have enough root system to absorb the water of these size pots. We can not be responsible for what others do!

What You Should Not Do To Your Orchids!

How To Properly Water Your Orchids (in general)

Watering your orchids potted in moss (most Phalaenopsis are potted in moss)

Watering orchids potted in bark (most other orchids are potted in bark)