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These large, imposing plants can be dramatic and spectacular. A rich array of colors from soft white, to bright pink, to rich yellow, to apple green to vivid burgundy makes them suitable for most interiors and, in the proper conditions, will delight you by staying fresh for two months or more. These plants need to be kept in a bright room kept on the cool side (65 F to 75 F in the day, 40 F to 55 F at night) with adequate humidity (50 % to 70 %).

If placed in a dry, overheated room or in the path of forced air heating or next to heat sources such as radiators or refrigerators, they will loose buds and flowers in just a few days, for which we can not accept responsibility.

An exceptional plant as the Cymbidium below at right with eight spikes is rare. Most will have from one, two or three spikes. Cymbidiums in bloom are usually available from mid November through March.

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