Hello. Thank you for visiting this section of our web site. Here are pictures of some of the orchids we have in bloom at this time or that will start to bloom soon.
Our Phalaenopsis are very nice all year round, but right now our white Phalaenopsis are particularly gorgeous!  They make fabulous arrangements. Miltionopsis are coming into season (couple of pictures at bottom right). Paphiopedilums, complex type (large, round flower) are also very nice. We have a few nobile type Dendrobiums, also pictured below (right 2 pictures on the first row).
Above, Phal. Light Golden Apple. At left partial view of one of our Phalaenopsis greenhouses. Close-up of a Phal. stem (at right).
Here is an e-mail I got this morning:
“The flowers are truly magnificent! They make me very happy. Thank you so much.”
A new, first time buyer. Glafkos