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Phalaenopsis--Page 1 of 3
Nothing rivals the sheer elegance of Phalaenopsis. Their sober, simple beauty captivates our attention and leads us to meditate on the extraordinary beauty Nature has created.

What can compete with flowers that in the right conditions may stay fresh for 2 months or more, delighting us every day with their simple, yet so elegant beauty?

Today Phalaenopsis come in soft pinks, darker orchid color, white with red or magenta spots, sometimes with so dense spots the white background is eclipsed, pink stripes on white or pink background and even yellow-oranges with stripes, white with red lip,... But most people still prefer the white with yellow lip. There is something just fascinating in that simple white round flower, maybe reminiscing us of innocence? Of purity? Of peace?
Phalaenopsis have the power to fascinate us, to take our mind off our daily worries. Maybe we look at them and dream of days past when life was easier, simpler... or may be we are just in awe at how beautiful Nature can be...

Whatever it is that attracts us so much to them, Phalaenopsis do hold most of us in a strong, but oh so enjoyable bind.
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