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Monthly Rental Service of
Fabulous Orchid Arrangements
Your premises, lobby, home ... will always look beautiful and attractive with our easy, hassle-free and reasonably priced monthly rental service.
  • The quality of our plants is the best you can find and because we carry a wide variety of orchids we can meet your choice of plants and colors.
  • We expertly dress up our gorgeous orchids to your specifications so they highlight your premises for a beautiful, attractive and elegant environment.
  • We refresh your arrangements every 4 weeks but we'll refresh within 2 to 3 business days of your call any arrangement that does not look perfect so that your arrangements always look impeccable.
  • We often give you more value than you pay for, we are easy and pleasant to deal with and we treat you with respect and appreciation.
  • You make no commitment. You can change or cancel your rental at any time.

No wonder we rarely loose a monthly rental account. Our monthly rental service is just outstanding and is a great value for your money.

See for yourself. Give us a try.

Viviane & Glafkos Keramidas

How our monthly rental service works. Where it's available. How to get started.