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Monthly Rental Service of Fabulous Orchid Arrangements
Here is how our easy, no-hassle monthly rental service works
  • You pay a fixed monthly amount, based on what we will be supplying you over the year. You may choose to alternate colors or to have different orchids or ...

  • We set-up the plants in the type of container you want (yours or ours).

  • We renew all arrangements every 4 weeks (you get 13 deliveries per year) but if any arrangement needs to be refreshed earlier, just give us a call and we'll replace it within 2 to 3 business days. Of course there is no additional charge.

  • You do not commit to anything. You may discontinue this service whenever you wish and you can make changes anytime. We are flexible and we'll do our best to meet your wishes.

  • Our rental price is fixed for the year and is only increased by the % of NY State inflation at the anniversary.

The monthly rental price covers everything except watering and sales tax. If you wish us to do the watering we'll include it in our quote.

Where is our monthly rental service available?

Our rental service is available throughout our delivery area: Manhattan, western Fairfield County, Putman & Westchester counties.

How to get started

Call us or e-mail us. If you know what you want we will discuss your needs over the phone. Or we'll come visit your premises and offer suggestions. Either way we'll give you a quote within one business day of defining your needs and we can start your service within 2 or 3 business days.

Welcome to our outstanding monthly rental service.